Step by Step Guide to get LESCO Duplicate Bill


If circumstances arise that you haven’t yet received your LESCO bill or have lost it. Then there’s no room for worry you can still obtain a duplicate bill through our online bill check option.

Here’s the complete step by step guide to get the Duplicate LESCO bill through our online service.

Things You Need:

The two things you’re going to need to obtain a full copy of your LESCO bill are:-

  • Reference Number
  • Customer ID

These are the numbers you’re going to have to provide to check your electricity bill online. And here’s how to get them:

Reference No. and Consumer ID are printed on the top of your bill:

LESCO Reference Number

Reference No. contains 14 numbers and 1 alphabet. And Customer ID consist of 7 numbers only.

Check Bill Using Reference No

When you’ve got the 15-digits reference number you need to insert it in the layout and press the process button as shown below:-

LESCO Bill Check With Reference Number

Check Bill Using Customer ID

Another option available to obtain your LESCO bill online is via using Customer ID. It’s almost the same as using a Reference No. but in this layout you have to insert Customer ID which consists of 7 numbers, once entered just press process button as shown in the image below:-

LESCO Bill Check With Customer Id


LESCO offers you a complete free of cost SMS and Email service to acquire your electricity bills and supply information.

LESCO Email and SMS Service
  • Step 1: Visit this page
  • Step 2: Select service: Email only, SMS only or both if you want to be get notified through both SMS and Email
  • Step 3: Insert your 7-digit consumer id.
  • Step 4: Insert your mobile number in said format (e.g 923001111111)
  • Step 5: Insert your email id and press the submit/update button.

How to Pay Your LESCO Bill

Once you have obtained your LESCO duplicate bill then you can submit it via both online or offline options:

Pay Offline: You can pay your LESCO bill to all the branches of commercial banks and post offices. Make sure to bring along a printed copy of your bill.

Pay Online: You can also pay LESCO Bill online through any bank, EasyPaisa or JazzCash. For bank options make sure you have online banking service activated on your account.

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