LESCO New Connection

Procedure to Apply for LESCO New Connection

Here is the step by step process that you can follow to apply for a new electricity connection:

Step 1: Visit Electricity New Connection (ENC) System to submit the online application form

Step 2: During form submission you are required to submit the below information:

  • Choose one of your connection type from: Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Temporary, General Services, Residential Colonies, Street Light
  • Enter National Tax Number (NTN)
  • Enter Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN)
  • Select your district related company like, for Lahore you have to choose LESCO
  • Choose your related sub-division
  • Application Status: Owner or Rental
  • Applicant name
  • Father name
  • NIC/CNIC number
  • Present address
  • Mobile number 1 & 2
  • Contact person name
  • Contact person mobile number
  • Contact person present address
  • Relationship with applicant
  • Email (optional)
  • No. of meter already installed
  • Minimum load (In KWh)
  • Premises address
  • Neighbor bill referenced number
  • Neighbor name and address
  • Choose meter installation company from: Shahid & Co or Sajjad Brothers

Step 3:  Now in this step you to upload the scanned copy of following required documents and make sure file size shouldn’t exceed from 300KB and JPG/PDF format allowed:

  • Property document copy: Here you have to provide the proof of ownership like Registry, Farred, Baynama, Allotment Letter (In case of Housing Colony). All documents should be attested from Oath commissioner or Notary Public or Class one officer
  • Undertaking by the Applicant (according to the example accessible in the concerned office on Stamp Paper appropriately confirmed by Oath Commissioner) that no electricity connection is already installed on the requested place and no overdue debts exists. But if we found any pending dues later then the applicant will be bound to pay that first.
  • If there are multiple owners, power of attorney (As per the specimen available in the related office on stamp paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) in the favor of the person who is submitting the application from other owner/s.
  • If the applicant is a renter, no objection certificate is required from the owner/s of the property.
  • Attested CNIC copy of the applicant
  • Attested CNIC copy of two witnesses (If you are submitting the application for single phase meter then no witnesses required)
  • Neighbor electricity bill copy

Step 4: After filling and uploading all required information and docs submit the application form

Step 5: Need to printout of your submitted application form

Step 6: Attach all above mentioned documents with this application

Step 7: Send or submit this complete file (including application form and required documents) to your related office

Step 8: LESCO demand notice will be issued after verification of the submitted documents and info

Step 9: Now next step is to pay the LESCO demand notice to mentioned bank

Step 10: After paying demand notice, copy should be submitted to the concerned office for further process

Step 11: In this final stage the concerned office will verify the demand notice payment and after verification they will installed the connection


  • Distribution Company (DISCOs) have authority to reject/cancel any new connection request at any stage, if the applicant found defaulter
  • Incomplete and hazy applications will be ignored

If the applicant submitted any fake document/s then application will be cancelled immediately and department has right to take legal actions against the applicant(s)/owner (s)     

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a New Electricity Connection?

For a new electricity connection you need to submit the online application with required information and document then need to get the print if that application and submit to the concerned office. After proper verification demand notice will be issued. You need pay the fee against that demand notice and submit the receipt to the concerned office for next process. The related officer will verify demand notice payment and then installed the connection on your requested place.

What is LESCO Demand Notice?

Demand notice is the sort of challan form, issued by LESCO (WAPDA). It has the price mentioned on it and applicant required to submit in designated bank against the request of new electricity connection.

What is LESCO New Connection Fee?

LESCO new connection fee you need to contact the concerned office and ask from them about it. For just an idea estimated new connection fee is Rs-7240 but still it’s recommended to contact the concerned office for confirm fee.

How to Check LESCO New Connection Status?

To check LESCO new connection status you need to contact the concerned officer in related LESCO office.

How to Get LESCO Demand Notice Print?

To get LESCO demand notice print, visit this link and need to enter tracking ID or CNIC number of the applicant to get the print of the demand notice.